Nothing can feel darker and more suffocating than being depressed. Only someone who has woken up with no intention of leaving the bed or has gone to sleep crying every night knows what an endless torment it is.

Depression can be of varying levels: Mild, Moderate, Severe. All of us feel low once in a while. We feel sad when something bad happens. But this sadness is not depression. Depression is the constant feeling of hopelessness and helplessness that takes over our existence. It is an illness which needs to be treated and cannot be written off as something ‘only in the mind’.

If you have ever been depressed or know someone who is battling depression, you will know the signs. You feel sad, might cry easily, don’t wish to leave your bed, might sleep more than usual, may gain or lose weight, start experiencing migraines or chronic fatigue in the muscles, feel generally under the weather. Under extreme circumstances, depression may lead to suicide.

If diagnosed and treated in time, depression can be cured. In some cases, anti depressant medicines become imperative and a psychiatric consultation is needed. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, along with Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy are extremely effective in long term treatment of depression.

If you are unsure of whether you are suffering from clinical depression or not, click the link below to take a quick test. The results will show you where you stand in the spectrum of depression and if you need to seek help.

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