A Healthy Mind is necessary for achieving true wellness. It can be a treasure trove of happiness and health. A healthy body cannot exist without a healthy mind. A disease affects both, the body and the mind. Healing, should, therefore encompass both too. Sometimes, the mind does not allow the body to recover completely from a disease, no matter how effective and appropriate the chosen treatment was. On the other hand, sometimes, a body that is suffering from a disease does not allow a mind to be happy and healthy. Psychosomatics aims at dealing with both at the same time to establish a sense of well being and health.

What exactly is Online Therapy?

Psychotherapy has been proven to be effective in dealing with a host of psychosomatic issues. Until a few years ago, sessions were held in person with the therapist and patient meeting for a fixed time over a period of a few weeks or months. With the advent of technology, however, online therapy has become easy and is just as effective. In an attempt to shorten the waiting time for getting an appointment for a session and to accommodate patients who are from distant geographical locations, online psychotherapy was started by various practitioners from across the world.

Online therapy at Healthy Mind consists of written communication between the therapist and patient via e mail. No video calls or skype sessions are needed. A basic understanding of the English language and computer skills are the only pre requisites for undertaking psychotherapy online.

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